450W Advanced Apollo 3w LED Grow Light

450W Advanced Apollo 3w LED Grow Light
450W Advanced Apollo 3w LED Grow Light 450W Advanced Apollo 3w LED Grow Light
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The NEW Advanced Apollo LED grow lights are comprised of high powered 3 Watt LEDs featuring a proprietary intensified wave spectrum designed for flowering large yields.  This all new modular design full spectrum Apollo LED can help you create your own nature!


Dual Lens Technology: The 90 degree base lense provides a wide area of light coverage, in addition, a 60 degree secondary lense adds a more focused intense light for deeper penetration to your growing plants. 
Modular Design: Assembled without glue or glass making repairs and diode replacement and maintenance very easy.  Only a few steps to assemble the whole fixture.
Intelligent Monitoring System: This smart systems has indicator lamps on the housing to detect any malfucntion in the LED system lamps..
Revolutionary Heat Dissipation Design: Internal fans and 2 cm thick finned aluminum heat sinks along with an aluminum face shield keep our LED's 10-15 degrees cooler than other LED's.
Green for the Environment: These LED's save 60-80% in energy consumption versus metal halide and high pressure sodium lights
Rated Lifespan: 50,000+ hours 
3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!



  1. Full Spectrum Design - 450W
  2. 150x3W LED's Diodes Chips
  3. Light Blue LED wavelength: 430nm
  4. Blue LED wavelength: 460nm
  5. Orange LED wavelength: 630nm
  6. Red LED wavelength: 660nm
  7. Infrared LED wavelength: 710 IR (Promotes resin growth on plant for protection and growth)- invisable to the human eye.
  8. White LED wavelength: 10,000k
  9. Hanging Hardware included

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