About Us

We carry a full line of 3rd Generation 3W and 5th Generation 20W LED Advanced Grow Lights shipped directly from the manufacturer. Why pay the exorbitant prices charged by other online websites? These LED lights are the same product sourced at the same quality manufacturer in China that are sold by online retailers at significant savings, cutting out the middle man and shipped directly to you. These products have the same 3 year manufacturer's warranty. These are the original Diamond Series LEDs and the real deal. We are an authorize dealer direct from the manufacturer.  Don't kid yourself into thinking that U.S. online stores have the research capabilities and funding to design and implement advanced LED designs.  They simply source their LED lights from manufacturers in China who spend money on research and development of advanced LEDs.  The Chinese are the world leaders in LED design and manufacturing.  U.S. online retailers private label the Chinese goods and slap a sticker on them while charging up to 400% mark ups.  We bring value to our customers.  Your LED lights will rarely need to be sent back to China.  The factory can diagnose faults and send you replacement components by FedEx INternational Priority for you to fix.  Rest assured that they will stand by their product.


A Note From the, the manufacturer in their own words:

"E.shine Systems is the original manufacturer of Diamond Series LED Grow Light, as well as the only seller in 2010, Eshine Systems developed 3G LED Grow Light in June, 2010 and Advancedledlights bought 3G LED grow lights from Eshine Systems when E.shine released the first bulk of 3G series. After tests, advancedledlights signed the agreement as E.shine’s sole agent of US market. E.shine has all their purchasing and shipments’ records if someone wants them for proofs.

E.shine Systems makes their lights in good quality with dedicated service. They invested much in design, development, test etc. on their new series lights, they rate their prices reasonably. Advancedledlights always complained the prices, claiming they did not have profit based on E.shine’ pricing. In 2012, advancedledlights found another Chinese company to copy E.shine’s 3G products with lower prices, then stopped cooperation with E.shine.

Advancedledlight kept to warn E.shine Systems not to sell the same lights to others, E.shine did so in a long term even cooperation was over. But how can advancedledlights buy cheap lights elsewhere, then sell huge cost to cheat users, even not allow E.shine to do a fair thing? We have many buyers requiring the same lights every day, they don’t want to buy from advancedledlights, cause they can’t spend so much on a cheap cost light. How can advancedledlights buy from another company, but E.shine can’t sell to others? Cooperation was over, and it was advancedledlight who broke the agreement, so of course E.shine can sell to other buyers. Why not?

Advancedledlights started to lose buyers and credibility because E.shine began to sell the lights, they can’t accept this because they get less money. They face problem of lowing prices or reducing sales. Advancedledlights came to warn E.shine times again not to sell the lights, after did not get a deal, they put what the link says on their website. IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUER.

Dear buyers, please see the truth clearly, it is nothing about lights, it is all about money. So, please find your right way to go with.

Good luck!"